Our Mission

To address vital community health needs (medical and dental) by providing high-quality health care and related services to individuals regardless of their ability to pay and to advocate for changes that promote greater access for the underserved resulting in improved community-wide health and wellness outcomes.

Our Vision

The Pocatello Free Clinic (PFC) is identified as an integral part of the health care community. The PFC is respected for the quality of care provided and is recognized as a valuable voice for positive health care changes through effective advocacy.

Our Values

Collaboration: acknowledging the importance of partnering with the community to ensure basic health care is available to individuals regardless of their ability to pay

Advocacy: effecting ways to meet the needs of those who may not have the financial resources to acquire needed health care or related services

Quality: providing quality health care or appropriate referrals regardless of the individual’s ability to pay

Respect: treating all individuals with respect regardless of their background or ability to pay

Empowerment: encourage individuals to be active and informed participants in their health and take appropriate responsibility for their own health and well-being

Compassion: inspire hope by treating all individuals with respect, while accepting the unique physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each individual