John sought care from the Pocatello Free Clinic in March of 2013. He has no insurance and hasn’t worked for several years due to severe neurological symptoms caused by a subarachnoid cyst. His symptoms resolved after having a brain shunt inserted. A few months after this procedure, John came to our clinic complaining of nausea, headaches, dizziness, and back pain. Upon examination, Jeff Williams, DC, could not find John’s drainage tube.

Dr. Williams immediately called his friend, Dr. Morgan, a neurologist, and scheduled John for the next day. X-rays showed that John’s drainage tube was not connected to his shunt and had settled in his pelvic cavity.

Dr. Morgan was willing to do the surgery at no cost but, John was not able to get scheduled for surgery immediately since he had to go through the process to get the fees waived from the hospital and the anesthesiologist. He came to our clinic weekly for chiropractic care and as his symptoms worsened, he saw several volunteer physicians. We were able to help him pay for anti-nausea prescriptions for several months.

We are happy to report that John is now recovering from brain surgery and an additional surgery to remove the drainage tube from his pelvic cavity. He reports that he is feeling fantastic and is so grateful for all the individuals and organizations that helped him make it to this day.

John wrote us the following in a card: “Thank you guys for working so hard in my behalf to help me with my back and brain shunt. Y’all are mortal angels sent from heaven. You are exceptionally awesome. I can’t find words to express my gratitude to you for what you have done. Thanks a bajillion.”

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