Idaho Gives Update

A week has passed since our community’s big day with Idaho Gives and our clinic is still in awe about how much support we received from the community. The Pocatello Free Clinic raised just over $3,600 from 68 different donors through the Idaho Gives during last week’s event. Because of the generosity of many, Idaho Gives was a tremendous success for the state of Idaho and for our organization!

With the support of caring, concerned community members, we are making a difference in the lives of many. With the generous donations received from Idaho Gives, we are able to continue providing free medical and dental care to low income, uninsured individuals in our community. Thank you for being our friend in this mission.

Where does your money go?

$15.00 – Provides three months of medications to an individual in need.

$35.00 – Provides a medical exam, laboratory testing, and medications for an individual with mental health needs

$180.00 – Provides healthcare needs for one patient for an entire year.

Currently the Pocatello Free Clinic serves 886 unique individuals, with an expected 33% increase for 2017.

For updates on the work we do, check out our website,, or follow us on Facebook

Thank you for your support in our mission!

The PFC Crew

Kristina Jordan, CMA, Executive Director

Cynthia Bunde, PA-C

Kraig Davidson, Front Desk

Callie Ceci, LSW

Cassie LeBeau, Dental Director

Jake Egbert, Nursing Assistant

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